Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Adore Bi-tone Grey Coloured Contact Lenses Review from KoreaBigEyes

Hey loves! I hope your all well. 
I'm soooo sorry for the lack of posts. I have just been very busy..
But I will try to post more regularly :)
I wanted to do a super quick review Of  Adore Bi-tone Grey Coloured Contact Lenses.
I get asked alot what lenses I use in my looks so these are the ones that I love wearing.
The colour is stunning, they are in between not so fake or neither to natural.
They block out my natural dark eyes so that's a huge thumbs up.
I have worn these up to 7 hours a day and have had no problems.
I tend to get dry eyes so if your like me you should apply drops or will find these 
uncomfortable after a few hours. 
They come packaged well and delivery was within 2 weeks.
I think they cost around £22 in UK pounds.
I definantly recommend this website if these are the type of lenses you are looking for :)
If you have any more questions or Inquires do let me know. 
I hope you like & found the review helpful
I have many looks using these lenses so for more images click the links below:)
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