Thursday, 27 October 2011

Stilla Striking In South Beach Palette MakeUp look & Review/Swatches

Stila (striking in south beach palette)
Hey Loves! I wanted to do a quick post but I highly doubt its going to be quick.
I recieved this Stila Palette from
A little bit about Glitzy Queen
This blog was created for Glitzy Queen, the online beauty community. Glitzy Queen is a ‘Go-To’ site where viewers can go to find out where to purchase the products online. They encourage Beauty Gurus and Bloggers, old and new to record tutorials / video reviews, write and review products and to discuss anything beauty related. Send it in to them and they will display it on the website- . 
The site is great for new gurus and bloggers just starting out, as it can be a resource for you to use for potential exposure, which could lead to increased subscribers and traffic to your personal sites. 
They are a growing community and will keep adding brands, products, videos and blogs.
So I definently recommend this to all bloggers like myself :)
The website is amazing so do check it out!

Oh here is how I did the look :)
Urban decay Primer
Stila - wave used all over lid taking slight above crease
Stila-cabana with nightlife in Crease/Outer V
Mac Vanilla Highlight
Collection 2000 Liquid Liner- above lashline
ColorTrend Kajalstick in Navy in waterline slighly smuged below lashline.
Mascara Collection 2000-Pump Up The Volume
Lashes Model 21 (So hard to blend with natural lashes as they kept lifting up :-/ )

Neways I hope you like it & found this helpful :)

Monday, 24 October 2011

Asian Pakistani Bridal/Party Makeup Look

(not edited or retouched)
Hey Loves I hope you have all had a great weekend.
I wanted to bring you something different so decided to do a full face makeup look.
I did this on my sister who kindly volunteered (forced by me) lol
Its a Asian bridal/party look. 
So hope you enjoy & let me know what you think.

Benefit "that gal" Face Primer
Krylon Tv Paint Stick Foundation in Ivory
Krylon Translucent Loose Powder

NYC Bronzer in Sunny to contour
Blush Sleek Pixie Pink

All over lid Urban Decay- Cream Eyeshadow: Delinquent
All over lid I took purple shadow from my Arabic Palette
Mac Carbon Black very soft & lightly in crease
Mac Vanilla Highlight
MAC Ebony Eyeliner Above Lashline
EyeLashes Red Cherry #117

YSL Lingerie Pink rouge volupte lipstick
Rimmel Clear Gloss over it

I hope you guys like it :)
Hugs & kisses

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Review Uniqso Nailpolish & Circle Lenses

Nailpolish: AQmore - Rose
 Beuberry - Diva Blue
Sold as
: Per Pair
: 16mm
Base Curve
: 8.6mm
Water Content
: 55%
Replacement Period
: 12 months
without flash/with flash

Hey Loves! I hope all my dolls are fab! And looking forward to the weekend :)
I wanted to do a Quick review On two items that are from
Firstly I have to say they came in super cute gift boxes LOVE THEM!
I have been looking around for an orange/red nailpolish so when I saw this on this website I had to grab it.
Its Super gorje, just what I was looking for :)
 The second item is the Beuberry - Diva Blue Contact Lenses.
They are circle lenses, which I have recently gone crazy over.
How stunning are they???? :)))
They blend in really well with my natural dark brown eyes,
And they are also very comfortable which is the most important thing. 
The lenses in UK pounds are £10.07
And the Nailpolish was £6.27 
They do ship worldwide so go check them out :)
Hope you like the review and find it helpful 

Friday, 14 October 2011



Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Soft Smokey/Glitter - Winter/Fall Makeup Look

Hey Loves! I hope your all doing Fab !!
If your in the UK like me you should know the weather is getting really cold now. 
And Ofcourse days are getting shorter :(
I wanted to do a Fall/Winter Makeup Look.
This look is probably very subtle for some, I tried to glam it up with some glitter but ofcourse thats optional for you!
Products used:
Sleek Original Palette-
All over lid : Salmon Pink-3rd row bottom 
Crease/Outer V: Midnight Blue 3rd top row
Highlight- Light yellow- Bottom left corner ( I went VERY light handed )
All over lid: Collection2000 Glam Glitters Loose Glitter Wand in ~ 3 A list (SOoo Gorje a MUST have)
Barry M liquid liner
Lashes 140 Eylure Naturalites
Mascara Avon Colortrend
I hope you like it & try it out
P.S still growing the eyebrows out they take me months to grow out properly Grrr!
I wore this look with orange lips which are very this season & very fall :)
Collection 2000- #3 Orange Punch

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Purple/Green/Yellow Bitchslap 28 cosmetic palette- L.A Makeup Look

 (Below same look but with collection 2000 glitter liner in 2pizzazz)
 Hey Gorgeous Loves! I feel A look was well over due on my blog :)
So here is a super bright eye catching Colourful look.
For this Look I have used My Bitchslap 28 cosmetic palett- L.A
The colours are crazily pigmented to I wanted them as soft but vibrant as possible.
I will be doing a review on this palette so watch out for that.
P.s I'm growing out my eyebrows & Excuse the red eye was an allergy :(
I really hope you like it & try it out :)
Inspired look by prettylilmzgrace

Monday, 3 October 2011

Celebrity Inspired Glamourous Hair pieces From Hollywoodmane

(Updated Post with more info)

Hey loves! I hope your all doing well. I was soooo excited to do this post!
Im going to jump right in :) I recieved my two items from
 The first which I am loving is the Chesnut Brown Criss Cross Plait's bun For £18.
. This was the closest shade to my hair (pics are my sisiter).
I was so excited for this Bun as it is a huge trend at the moment and I believe it can not ever go out of trend.
I did a really quick job in the pics above just to give you idea of the size of the bun on the head.
Adding the bun was so easy and instantly gives you a glamourous look in minutes.
I have worn this once and I can say it was comfortable on the head and did not move out of place what so ever. I secured it with bobby pins and at the end of the day had a look at the hair piece just to see if it was still in good condition and I can say it was perfect. :)
 The second peice is GORJE!!! Its Glamourous 'Kate' Luxury Clip-in Ponytail Piece for £12.99
Its got lovely curls they not tight neither are they loose-inbetween.
You can wear this high In a ponytail or low as a side pony.
My sister has fallen in love with this piece!
Again like the bun this add's instant glamour to boring plain hair.
You would think it has taken you hours to do your hair but all your doing is adding in the hair piece and done in seconds! This was comfortable and stayed put all day.
It has a crocodile clip to secure it into place!
 Comfort : 10/10
Glamour : 10/10
Staying Power : 10/10 
Website Delivary/General : 10/10
Delivery is  Free in the UK ( not to sure internaitionlly :)
I hope you like them & find this review helpful :)
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