Monday, 3 October 2011

Celebrity Inspired Glamourous Hair pieces From Hollywoodmane

(Updated Post with more info)

Hey loves! I hope your all doing well. I was soooo excited to do this post!
Im going to jump right in :) I recieved my two items from
 The first which I am loving is the Chesnut Brown Criss Cross Plait's bun For £18.
. This was the closest shade to my hair (pics are my sisiter).
I was so excited for this Bun as it is a huge trend at the moment and I believe it can not ever go out of trend.
I did a really quick job in the pics above just to give you idea of the size of the bun on the head.
Adding the bun was so easy and instantly gives you a glamourous look in minutes.
I have worn this once and I can say it was comfortable on the head and did not move out of place what so ever. I secured it with bobby pins and at the end of the day had a look at the hair piece just to see if it was still in good condition and I can say it was perfect. :)
 The second peice is GORJE!!! Its Glamourous 'Kate' Luxury Clip-in Ponytail Piece for £12.99
Its got lovely curls they not tight neither are they loose-inbetween.
You can wear this high In a ponytail or low as a side pony.
My sister has fallen in love with this piece!
Again like the bun this add's instant glamour to boring plain hair.
You would think it has taken you hours to do your hair but all your doing is adding in the hair piece and done in seconds! This was comfortable and stayed put all day.
It has a crocodile clip to secure it into place!
 Comfort : 10/10
Glamour : 10/10
Staying Power : 10/10 
Website Delivary/General : 10/10
Delivery is  Free in the UK ( not to sure internaitionlly :)
I hope you like them & find this review helpful :)


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