Saturday, 8 October 2011

Purple/Green/Yellow Bitchslap 28 cosmetic palette- L.A Makeup Look

 (Below same look but with collection 2000 glitter liner in 2pizzazz)
 Hey Gorgeous Loves! I feel A look was well over due on my blog :)
So here is a super bright eye catching Colourful look.
For this Look I have used My Bitchslap 28 cosmetic palett- L.A
The colours are crazily pigmented to I wanted them as soft but vibrant as possible.
I will be doing a review on this palette so watch out for that.
P.s I'm growing out my eyebrows & Excuse the red eye was an allergy :(
I really hope you like it & try it out :)
Inspired look by prettylilmzgrace


  1. New Orleans Mardi Gras colors! yay time to party....

  2. pretty eyes! *_* love this makeup! <3

  3. I love the colors. And the sparkles. <3 Beautiful darling. Keep being your fabulous self.

    - Marisa

  4. This is so gorgeous and colorful I love it!! I really like the eyelashes too! :)

  5. I love this so much! you're fearless with your colours and they look amazing! :)xxxx

  6. wow intense colours! They all look great together x

  7. Where do you get the pallete from ?


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