Saturday, 12 March 2011

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Nude Beige Lipstick

Hey loves !!! Maybelline Moisture Extreme Nude Beige Lipstick! This has to be my first nude lipstick! Its a very pretty drugstore nude for the fraction of a high end product! Its a flesh colored nude beige and I have to say i am loving it! Its so smooth and creamy and moisturizing just as the product says! The color in both my pics looks slightly different due to my lighting but the shade is pretty much same as the first pic above! This is defo woth buying so go grab yours and a must have for nude lovers! :)))) xoxox


  1. i love wearing nude lipstick! i run out of it so quickly i use it so much


  2. i love nude lipsticks with smokey is so mysterious :))thanks for tip :))


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