Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Lauren Goodger Tanning Product Mousse-Laurens Way Review

Hey loves So recently I heard alot regarding the stunning Laurens Goodger'sTanning Products!
Now I have to say Iv never used any tanning product ever before apart from the tan from the sun LOL! With my asian skin tone I havent had to! Weirdly as I love Lauren from the show The only way is Essex i thought its my duty to try it out, Like I said I do have asian olive skin so the results may be different for you than me. So heres is the product a self tanning bronzing mousse & self tanning lotion. I opted for the mousse. You can purchase them seperately or complete kit £24.50. Now I dont have hardly any experience on tanning products or neither can I compare these to any other tanning product out there. But I have to say I was amazed I loved it! It was so easy to apply. An you can build up the colour to suit you! I only applied a very less amount as I was so worried incase i have a orange tangoed look but i didnt not at all. An most important no streaks or patches just a golden brown glow :)) I added abit of shimmer and bronzer over the tan to give it even nore of a sultry glow :) (optional for you)
It dried super fast and made me look totally glowing lol Id defo recommend this to tanning lovers you honestly cant go wrong! :)) IT DEFO HAS TO BE LAURENS WAY :))


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