Thursday, 14 April 2011

Purple Glitter Makeup Look

 Hey loves! Iv got a fab look for you :)
Elf primer all over lid
All over lid I used purple from makhmali pallette (it has a blue undertone super gorje) and below lashline
in crease and owter corner I used purples from the coastal scents smokey pallette. And i took the blue from same pallette and also added that below lashline.
For highlight i used mac crystal avalanche
Liquid Eyeliner : ArtLiner from Lancome
Mac smoulder in waterline
Lashes Eyelure 140
Loreal volumious mascara
The glitter was from ebay without a name sorry but you can add whatever brand glitter you like.
Hope you like the look and try it out :))


  1. Oh, this is so beautiful!! oh my! :)

  2. beautiful! where did you get those falsies from?

  3. I really love this look. The glitter gives it just the right touch. Im way to chicken to try glitter myself. I always think that it will get everywhere =)Thanks for subbn Doll its a HUGE HONOR.

  4. OMG!!! This is sooo beautiful!! You're really talented <3
    Nice blog honey...plz check out & follow my blog-
    You can also enter my giveaway on my blog!!

  5. @kapua cheers love they'r the eylure naturalites 140 and you cud purchase these from your local boots or superdrug :))

    @Nettiema *RamblingsfromaMotherof3* thanks girls :) and @Rakhshanda

  6. love this look...

  7. This is delicious! I love where the glitter is <3

  8. What an interesting way of incorporating glitter.
    Fun, yet fresh. I like it.


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