Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Luminess Air brushing System Review

Hey Loves! How are you all? Before I start my review congrats to Amy Li winning my first giveaway & thankyou to everyone who entered you can still enter my manly pallette giveaway :)
Ok now I am so excited to review this amazing product from Luminessair.
It is the pro air brush system with 3-speed. So here are pics of how it came, and I have to say it was packaged amazingly and looked so pretty.

Includes a starter guide booklet and dvd which are super helpful and packed with helpful tips.

I also recieved a super cute personal card by Emily-soo cute
 It comes with a power adapter
Cleaning bottle to fill with water to keep the airbrush system clean
My fave of everything in this product has to be this silver clutch in which the airbrush system sits.
How gorje is it :)
Also comes with a warranty think 2 years that you fill in and post which is useful incase something happens to go wrong with your system.
I revieved 4 shades of foundation (Im a medium in skin tone)
Oil-free, Mineral based, alcohol & preservative free
Also recieved a bronzer,Blush in soft rose, primer, and a brightening glow which I am in love with.
I also recieved 3 eyeshadows which are GORGEOUS!! :)
This is where you add the product from..

Ok so I thought Id try this product On someone else rather than myself first as I would have a better understanding of it. I tried it on 2 skin types both not so good lol I firstly did my brother now the image below is his natural skin without any makeup..
I did one coat of the airbrushing using upto 6-7 drops of the foundation as he didnt want to look like he was wearing makeup lol.. I airbrished in circular motion ..see what a difference there is. His red marks are less apparent and this was with a very light couverage.. It looks natural and healthy. this is great for wrinkles and pores.

So I then also tried this on my sister who also doesnt have the best of skin types
You can see the HUGE difference, her red marks are covered and her uneven skin tone. I did 3 layers which I built up with the airbrushing systemgiving her flawless look.
Before and after
Final Result (foundation)
To take away any oiliness apply your face powder to set the foundation
I also added blush and you can see how well it blends in and gives a natural radiance.
This is what the bronzer looks like I sprayed abit too much lol but I have to say I love it :)
inbetween i cleaned the airbrush- super easy just add water, put your finger over from where the product sprays out from and pul the nozzle all the way back for 10 seconds and then spray it out wipe out any excess :)

The eyeshadows I think are called Evening Sari.. I was thinking airbrushing eyeshadow would be hard this was my first attempt and I dont think Iv done a bad job :)
It blends in amazingly leaving a shimmery matte look.. you can tidy up around the eyes once you are done and for it not to spray all over your face hold the airbrush abit more closer to your eye. I also tried the eyeshadow #26 pale pink as a cheek highlight and omg it looked super stunning! Do try it out..

Over all view of this airbrush kit- I have to say I thought it would be difficult to use but I was so wrong this was so easy! I was amazed, this would be great for home use and even better for proffesional makeup artists or whoever is building their kit. I think it would be perfect to use on brides, It gives you the most beautiful looking flawless skin looking natural and healthy, and photographs stunningly. The makeup lasted hours no re-touching needed.
I would HIGHLY recommend this to all makeup artists and for home users. Its quick and easy dont let your mind fool you into thinking its difficult because I can assure you it super easy.
Check out the website
I hope you like and find this helpful


  1. I would do all kinds of terrible things to have an airbrush. Like. You have no ideaaaaaaaa. This looks AMAZING!

  2. wow, that looks amazing! I'd like to get my hands on one of those!!


  3. That system looks amazing! Are the results long lasting? I definitely want to look into that :)

    Please comment/follow my blog &
    I'll definitely return the favor :)


  4. Wow, the airbrushed eyeshadows look super awesome, I think you did a great job! I've never tried an airbrush system before, great post!


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