Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Perfect Circle Lenses Review

Hey loves I wanted to do a quick post on these four pairs of lenses that I got a couple of weeks ago From
This website has amazing colours and different types of lenses. Such a huge variety to pick from. Delivery to the Uk didn't take longer than two weeks, and the lenses got to me safely well packaged. All the lenses came with a case, which is handy. All the lenses have been comfortable in the eye and I have worn them up to 7 hours a day. :) Most of the Circle lenses I have previously had have been Yearly so Im assuming these will be to.

These are not as pink as they look in the flash so dont get put off. 

CH-625 Grey Lens 
These have to be a fave of mine so pretty and natural and gave me a nice doll eye look. 
OL-104 Olive Brown - Honey Wing by GEO 
Because I already have dark eyes these were barely visible on my eyes.
They just made my eyes look tad bit darker with a sparkle. I was hoping them to be more of a honey shade. but despite that I still love them. They make my eyes look rounder and larger.

CH-932 Blue Lens 
Lastly is this blue pair and again with the grey I also love these!
They are so stunning. Wearable during day and can pull lots of makeup looks with this colour.

I would highly recommend anyone who wants to try out circle lenses to visit this website.
They are reliable, fast and affordable.

I hope you like the review and find it helpful :0


  1. Woooww!! I'm in love with pink/purple lenses!!! It's muy favourite color and I'm using it all the time!! :)
    I have a video-look in my blog "look azul y verde". You don't need to read in that post, I hope you like it if you see it.

    Kisses!! You know I love your blog ^^

  2. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone wear colored lenses that I couldn't immediately tell and it has a very vacant look. Though I can certainly see the appeal of them.


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