Saturday, 6 August 2011

Green/gold Makeup Look & Review Professional Manly 144 Colors Makeup Palette

Hey Loves. I hope your all great. As you guys might know I am fasting as Iv mentioned in previous posts.
Its super difficult as I cant eat or drink for over 12 hours :(
Is there anyone else fasting and how are you finding it?
I now got a facebook account so add me everyone and dont hesitate to talk to me,it will be a way for me to interact with you better and get to know my lovely followers.
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Ok so I wanted to review the Professional Manly 144 Colors Makeup Palette.
I purchased the 120 manly palette a while ago which Im running a Giveaway on at the moment.
You can check the review and swatches on that palette, also looks that I've done on it.
I never mentioned the buyer to you as it was the worst ebay seller ever!
I waited 3 months for the palette and also had to be pay for delivary on top when it was free P&P :(
I came across this ebay Shop ecdaphne shop and I wish I had come across them sooner.
I cant remember how much this palette cost but I recieved this within a week and half,
and it was from Hong Kong.
It really puts you off buying online when you get messed about by sellers.
I can assure you this ebay shop seller is amazing definently have a look into them if you are wanting to buy any palettes, they have a huge variety.
So the palette was wrapped in thick bubble wrap. 
Palette inside was also in Bubble wrap
So you get 3 trays of eyeshadows the 2 trays are shown above
You also get to eyeshadow brushes which are amazing unlike the useless brushes you normally get with palettes.
This is the third layer with 24 eyeshadows. For the makeup Look I used eyeshadows from this tray.
I am super amazed at how pigmented these eyeshadows are like OMG! I swatched these below without any primer and you can see how bold and vibrant they are are :D
The looks that you can create with this palette are endless. Also I have no primer in the look I've created my base was my foundation :)


  1. so beautiful have done great job with colors:D

  2. Me gusta mucho tu maquillaje, y la paleta es preciosa! Me encanta!!!

  3. Great look! And those colors from that palette looks really pretty. The color pay off is just amazing.

  4. Wow those are incredible colors, amazing payoff!

  5. beautiful! :)

    check out my blog when you get the chance!


  6. What an awesome palette! Great look.

  7. I like a lot the palette :)


  8. yet another gorgeous look! I love how you line your eyes!

  9. Beautiful eyes and make up:O

    If you want, look at my blog:

  10. Hey question I plan on buying this, I love ur wrk but can u tell me that is this palette like ur makhmali eye shades? :). Waiting on ur reply :)

  11. @ hey Love I would say the third layer of this tray is way more pigmented than the two top layers but equally as amazing and pigmented as makhamali. Makhmali is still my fave tho x

  12. this is a beautiful look!




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