Sunday, 18 September 2011

Large Zpalette Review From Camera Ready Cosmetics

 (holding it upside down lol)

 Hey loves. I was super excited to do this Review as it is on the Famous Zpalette's. Obviously everyone who loves makeup must have heard the huge buzz on these. The palettes come in different designs and sizes. Mine is the large palette which cost $19.99 So in uk pounds around £12! This palette was from 
I have done another review of products from this same website review-ben-nye-aqua-glitter. I have to say its amazing they have top brands so you have a variety. And they also ship worldwide :)
This palette can hold blushers, powders. eyeshadows etc. You can depott your eyeshadows and add them all into one palette this would be good for on the go and a must for MUA's.
They are great for organising so thats less clutter :)
The magnet is super strong as I tested it out for all you guys, holding it upside down and also giving it a little shake. The palette is made of VERY strong cardboard. It should last you more than 4-5 years. 
Im totally in love with it and had to share it with you all so if your considering buying yourself one, than you should go for it.
I have yet to add my eyeshadows in the palette but my La Femme Blushers have found a nice home :)
The delivary on this site is great you get your items in the estimated shipping duration and they come well packaged and in one piece! I can say that because I have now recieved 2 delivarys from camerareadycosmetics And have been super happy :)
I hope you find this review helpful
Have fun & enjoy :)


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