Monday, 21 November 2011

TOWIE Maria Fowler Hair Look

Hey My little Sweetnesses!:)
I hope you are all well.
I have a super Quick Hair look Post for you! 
Its the hair look that the Towie's Maria fowler was wearing in season 3 that has just finished.
It was requested by a follower, And I also with me Being a huge Towie fan I couldnt refuse :)

Heres how I achieved it:
* Back comb/tease the top section of your hair (this gives volume and height)
* Repeat this until you have done all the hair (stop just above yor ear)
* Pick up to create the bouffant and pin into place & hairspray for hold (I left my fringe out like maria)
* Lastly fishtail Braid your hair slightly at angle bringing it towards the side of your neck.
Here is a great tutorial for those who dont know how to the Fishtail  Braid :)
And your Done! 
Hope you like :)


  1. wow looks so pretty!!!
    Love your blog, i hope you like mine too, Please follow me as i just started mine:

  2. this is so beautiful

  3. beautifull !!!

    im a new follower, please check out my blog at if you like xxx

  4. You've done the fishtail plait so well. Whenever I do one it's just absurdly wonky, uneven, and with all my layers poking obstrusively out in all directions. x

  5. That is so pretty! I love fishtail braids. You have an amazing blog, we followed!

    Olivia from The Glamour Girls

  6. Lovely hair style. It is a shame that the pics are so blurry!

    The Life After

  7. You are amazing both at Makeup and hairstyling. My Gosh such talent.


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