Sunday, 25 March 2012

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Hey loves how are you all?
I was tagged in a post by bex-sbeautyblog And decided to do it as I've never done one before.
I wont be tagging anyone in this.
Enjoy :)

1. When did you first start blogging and why?
I started blogging In February 2011 (its been a year WOW) I had a lot of free time and one day just decided to share my makeup passion with everyone else and been hooked ever since

2. What does your perfect day look like?
It would have to start with a phone call to my man continued with good breakfast lol.. some more and then bed :)

3. What's your favourite food?
I don't have a Favourite as long as it is appetizing. It has to be super spicey though I love chilies!

4. What's your favourite book and why?
Iv not read one in over 6years .. since leaving school

5. What is your favourite nail polish colour?
I love bold brights such as pinks oranges reds etc I love all barry M shades!

6. What is your favourite high end cosmetic brand?
I like all brands and always looking for something new. hi-def-glamour-creme-super-palette-

7. What's your favourite clothes store? 
Next & Newlook

8.What is your most expensive beauty purchase?
I have quiet a few of them but Im soon to be getting wed and I'm having my makeup Professionally done and getting charged £600 for 2 days  :-O
9. What is your favourite thing to do at Christmas?
I don't celebrate Christmas but if I did it would be opening all my presents :)

10. What TV programme is your guilty pleasure?
The Only Way Is Essex lol 


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