Friday, 16 March 2012

Your Fashion Jewellery Earrings & Charm Bracelet

Large Crystal & Gold Bow Earrings

Burnt Gold Effect Toggle Charm Bracelet With Heart & Key Charms
Sale price £8.99

Hi loves I hope your all well.
I'm sorry for the lack of posts. I only have around a month and half for my wedding now so Its been very tiring shopping and organizing. There's a lot of posts that I want to squeeze in so hopefully I'll do that.
I wanted to share to stunning jewellery items from Your Fashion Jewellery
I love both these jewellery pieces especially the earrings.
Earrings are the jewellery I most purchase so when I received the bow earrings I was very happy. 
They are so cute and instantly jazz out any outfit and most importantly they are wearable during day.
The bracelet again glam's out any outfit. I don't know if it's only me but I love how the charms all make the rattly sound lol :-)
The website currently have a sale on so quickly go check that out.
I'v seen a few new pairs of earrings that I'l defo be purchasing :)
Hope you like & find this helpful 
Kisses && Hugs
They have some stunning statement pieces click the links below 


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    1. It's really nice post your blog. thanks for sharing us.
      Gold bars

  2. oh wow we have very similar tastes! I love those earrings, so gorgeous.
    following you hun, hope youd like to follow back

  3. I've tagged you in a post, you can check out my blog for details
    Bex x

  4. Different type of people like different type of jewellery. I like golden jewellery so much. You allot best pix of Earrings and Bracelet. Its fantastic work.

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  5. Bracelet class! Very interesting blog =)))

  6. Hi Safira! So lovely name and I like very much your blog ;o). See you soon!!! Xoxo V.V.

  7. amazing post and blog as well! I just followed. Could you follow me back! AND GIVE SOME FEEDBACK

  8. Great Blog:)
    I'm in love with the earings! xx

  9. Bracelet really wonderful & lovely... awesome post...............................
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