Thursday, 10 May 2012

Love makeup Safira Huge Giveaway! Enter Now OPEN

Hey loves. How are all my gorgeous followers?
 I have decided to do a giveaway as I've been meaning to for a while now.
 I mentioned in a few previous posts that a giveaway was very over due. 
I've been collecting some products that I wanted to add in the giveaway.
I hope you like them & Good look to all entries :)
There will be only one winner who will win everything below.
 Ok fun part the huge giveaway prizes...

Babyliss Pro curler & Perfume Cicci Flora 50ml Lotion 100ml
 Gok gift set & Revlon Brow Gel
Hair kit  Umberto Giannini & Bauch & Laumb Lenses in Platinum 
Strictly Come Dancing Palette 

 So here are the RULES on how to enter:
 * MUST be following my blog (follow button top left corner)
For Extra Entries you can do the below this will count as SECOND, THIRD and FOURTH ENTRY
* Must be following me on Facebook Love-Make-Up FACEBOOK 
* Must be following me on bloglovin
* You must blog this giveaway with a link to my blog 
 * You must comment below this post stating your name and email address and
also if you have done Extra Entries to state your Facebook and Bloglovin name.
If you have blogged the giveaway leave your page link with your comment.
Winner will be chosen at random and Contacted by me via email.
GIVEAWAY END DATE: July 15th 2012 Midnight
Goodluck and have fun :)


  1. wow amazing giveaway, I LOVE that perfume it's amazing, love your blog :)x

  2. I follow as Agnieszka Sklorz
    FB as Agnieszka Sklorz
    Bloglovin as ...zwierciadlo duszy...
    A giveway in post

  3. Cute give-away!

    GFC: Safiyya.

    I'm following you with bloglovin', but actually no idea what my account name is! Maybe honbon or honbomb, agh@!

    E-mail: ..

    Thank youu for holding such a sweet give-away and loads of mwaahs, S.

  4. i follow you via gfc; jessica
    i follow you via blog lovin; jessica

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    Great giveaway!

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  7. I follow as Bogginka
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    A giveway in post

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  9. amazing !
    gfc- coco

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    following u via gfc, FB, Blglovin!

  11. Great Giveaway!
    GFC:Star Memedi

  12. I follw u as sabaah(tropical and oriental beauty)
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  13. GFC: Kelly S.

    Really awesome giveaway and nice prizes! :)

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    Great giveaway!

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  16. What an amazing give away!!!

    GFC: Jen Hen

  17. Amazing!

    I follow you as sasa sasha (sasa skocir)

    Thank you !

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  22. *_* Goddessly amazing and hilarious prizes!

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  23. Hi,

    i have joined your giveaway.

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  26. Great giveaway i have emailed my details through email to you as I dont want them public :)

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  28. ciaosono felicissima di partecipare, grazie mille,
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    Thanks for the giveaway. XoXo

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  35. Great Ga and very generous from your part!!!
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    Thank you!!! Great make-ups, love them!! xoxo

  36. Hi,

    Fabb giveaway !!

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    Thanks alot

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  41. Stumbled upon your blog Its FAB :)
    Great giveaway too :)
    fb as Lucy Beal

    Lucy Deadman-Beal


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