Friday, 18 November 2011

Celebrity Inspired Glamourous Wigs From Hollywoodmane

'Kourtney' Chestnut Brown Hollywood Curls Wig 
Length 22"
'Ava' Nut Brown Straight Wig 
Length 27"

Hey loves! I hope your all well.
I have been meaning to get round to this review for a while and did not want to put it on hold any longer. :)
But its been difficult as the camera I use for looks and reviews is playing up and has gone slightly faulty.
So Im sorry if the pics are not too great. I will be fixing this problem very soon.
Ok I got two wigs from
I have a Review on them already so check that out if you havent.Celebrity Inspired Glamourous Hair pieces From Hollywoodmane 

I have to say in my honest opinion these wigs are amazing.
They are made of synthetic fibres and are such amazing quality.
The wig scalp is almost like like which I thing is great, You dont want people to straight away see you and point out you'r wearing a wig :) That certainly wont happen with these wigs.
I was impressed as to how they looked and felt.
With abit of messing around these wigs look like the real thing.
You have to fidget around with it for it to settle and look how you want it to.
I havent yet got around to taking pics of the sraight wig yet but defo will.
They came with net caps and the wigs come fitted with adjustment straps for more security.
So they sit on very securily and MOST Important feel super comfortable.
I again have to tell you to check out the website because you cant go wrong.
If your looking for real hair extentions, hair pieces wigs etc.
Then  look no further the quality and price for these products is Awesome.
Im still loving my previous pieces the Chesnut Brown Criss Cross Plait's bun & Glamourous 'Kate' Luxury Clip-in Ponytail Piece.
I have had alot of girls (via facebook) in the pakistani community asking me regarding those pieces.
So they are very Popular And would especially be great for all the Pkistani weddings that go on right throughout the year.
Hope you like and find it useful :)


  1. beautiful, looks nice

  2. I'm actually kind of obsessed with wigs, so I'll have to check them out!


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